About us

We are a relatively small company that started its business in Westland in 2004. Until 2007 we didn’t have much success in amassing large numbers of customers to our pages, but with proper product placement and advertisement that came later, we managed to rise substantially higher on the ladder of success. What we managed to find out in this period is that only by providing unique and up to date information to our clients can we hope to remain in this position in the business.

Next to validity of information there is also the importance of it. Depending on how hard it was to get to certain information some articles will amass larger numbers while other will only scratch the imagination of our clients. So journalism is an important talent that our team member should possess, as the whole business depends on information gathering skills.


  • Health

    Health topics will consider everything that has directly to do with health; this means diets, fitness, workout techniques, mass building exercises, calories burning cardio programs, types of food to avoid, and topics on health in general.
  • woman healthy skin

    Skin Care

    Skin care topics will cover every product there is on the market that helps in skin regeneration, rejuvenating and skincare in general. So every product that medicine has to offer, and every surgery and procedure that science has for the show will be discussed under this section.
  • Beauty Trends

    Beauty trends will be a section where u can read and find out about everything regarding beauty. This can be a trend, clothing advice, or even philosophy and individual views on beauty, what it is and what it should represent.