Nutrition Tips That Every Guy Over 30 Should Know About

Staying healthy is easy when we are young, eat vegetables, drink a lot of fluids, keep our skin healthy, keep activities in our daily schedule, basically everything that we do as young adults complies with the policies of running a healthy life. But what happens when we get older? Our metabolism isn’t as supportive of our lifestyle as back when we were younger, and we made some changes in diet that affect our health. So to stay healthy and fit after you’ve hit 30th, you need to pay attention to having a diet as close to this one.

Stay Away From Sugar

SugarAs your body becomes older, you become more intolerant to some substances, and although sugar may seem harmless you might want to avoid it. Sugar can cause problems with hart rate, nervous system and do all sorts of other damage to our body. And the worst thing is that it’s everywhere, from drinks like sodas and energy drinks to candy bars and food in general. Processed food contains abnormal amounts of sugar, more than your body need, and not the good kind of sugar. There is nothing wrong with decent amounts of sugar, gained from plants naturally.

The Benefits of Having Nuts in your diet

Dry nuts like almond, all types of peanut, hazelnut and any other are rich with both vitamin E and fiber. Next, to these two crucial components of healthy diet food, they also contain magnesium, a variety of vitamin A, Iron, Calcium basically all the good stuff that body needs to keep functioning at 100 percent effectiveness. They are great at losing weight and removing body fat from the system. So if you want to lose weight while staying healthy at the same time, use nuts when

 Avoid Processed Food

Processed FoodI can’t stress enough how important is it to remove processed food from your diet after you’re thirty. Having a double cheeseburger every once in a while won’t hurt anybody, but once you create a habit of eating in fast food joints, most of your meals will consist of processed food products. So without even explaining what goes into this “food,” I’m just going to tell you that it doesn’t do anything for your body except accumulate fat and feed your system with chemicals. If you really want to find out what goes into your favorite big mac, or how that KFC bucket came to your table, there’s a number of great documentaries that you can watch and emancipate yourself on the food industry.