Keeping Your Home Safe While Traveling

In our last article, you learned some tips on how you can protect your home while you are away on a trip. However, there are still so many ways to make sure that your house remains secure even while you and your family are not there. So here is our second set of tips for keeping your home safe during travel.

1. Use thermostats

Even when you are away from home, your thermostat is your friend. Without the thermostat, the temperature inside your house can either become too hot or too cold, which can cause damage to everything inside. Also, use a thermostat for your pipes to protect them from bursting during cold weather. Getting a smart thermostat will be very helpful too.

2. Suspend deliveries

It would be smart to suspend the delivery of mails and shipping orders to your house while you are away. Unclaimed mail is one way for thieves and other criminals to know that no one’s in the house. Also, you won’t want your mail and packages to be left unpicked while you’re away.

3. Unplug electronic devices

Unplugging electronic devices and appliances that don’t have any use while you’re away makes sense for many reasons. Unused devices such as TVs, fans, and computers that remain plugged while still unused still consume electricity. Also, they can be places where fires can potentially be triggered. So when you’re leaving the house, unplug everything that doesn’t need to stay on.

4. Make sure your security system is fully charged

Installing a security system and/or an automation system to your home can be especially useful when you’re out. However, it won’t amount to anything if it’s not turned on. You should make sure that your security and automation systems are fully charged before you leave your house. This is to ensure they stay active while you’re out.

5. Ask someone you trust to visit

If you know someone living near your house, you can ask them to check into your home every once in a while. You can give them the keys to your house and task them to do essential things such as turning on/off the lights, retrieving sent mails, checking your electricals, and monitor home maintenance tasks. If you will go this route, assign the task to someone you can fully trust.

Those are additional tips you can use to maintain the safety of your home even when you are away. You can check out this video if you want more tips for beefing up your home safety and security.