Trends that will Never Get Old

What is trendy and cool? When we think trends the first thing that comes to mind is makeup. There are always a ton of new beauty trends that can easily be incorporated that have to do with makeup. When someone notices something cool and transforms it into a trend by copying it and admiring it, the process gets started. Being that some things will never change we’ve seen plenty of trends that never got outdated and old fashioned. But why is it exactly that these trends get to live and others don’t? Who knows, maybe it’s the justification to wear a piece of clothes like that or to use a particular accessory in that fashion. So no matter how well or poorly informed you are in fashion trends, here are some trends that will never get old.

All-Season Sunglasses

SunglassesOne sunglasses for all seasons. Nothing wrong with that right? Why would you be forced by fashion trend, to buy another pair of glasses only because the one that you’re planning to use aren’t for winter? There is nothing wrong with wearing sunglasses during winter; it’s just that people aren’t comfortable with it for no logical reason. They usually associate sunglasses with warm weather, so once they see you wearing them with your coat on, they get uncomfortable. The fact that it’s 2 degrees outside doesn’t change your need to protect your eyes from sunbeams; the sun does appear even during winter. So next time someone gives you’re the look for wearing sunglasses on a winter day, try to stop and savor the moment of their stupidity, possible return the stare and try to make them feel even more uncomfortable.

Stylish Coats

Stylish CoatsWearing a great looking coat will never get old. No matter how much you lack, sense of styling getting yourself into a coat will definitely make you look good. This is one trend that can’t be destroyed by stereotypes, ethnicity or anything else. You don’t even have to know how to wear it, as it fits perfectly, all you need to do is put your hands on those sleeves and button up, and as if by magic you’ll be the coolest person in the room. It doesn’t apply to short persons or on those generally lacking any decent human appearance. Extremity proportions must be in order.