Make a success out of your solo trip

For some going on a solo trip is just what they are dreaming about. However, with the world that is getting so dangerous, it isn’t always a good idea to travel alone. Or, is it? There are ways on how you can make sure that your solo trip is a success and that you will have the time of your life. With remembering these tips, you will have a great, and memorable holiday.

Don’t tell anyone that you are traveling alone

If no one knows that you are a solo tourist traveling through the country, no one will know. In order to make sure that you are staying safe, you should not tell anyone in the country you are traveling, that you are traveling solo.

Most of the tourists that were in danger with solo traveling, is because they told or show that they are traveling alone.  Even if you have made good friends with a local. It is best to keep the fact that you are alone a secret.

Make sure that you know the dangerous areas in the country

Every country has its safe areas to visit and the dangerous areas where there is more crime and were traveling can be dangerous. It is important that you are making sure that the part of the country that you are choosing, is actually safe and where you won’t be at risk.

This is one of the reasons why you hear so many times about tourists being attacked in different countries. They went to places that were dangerous and they didn’t do research about the country before their visit. For example in North Little Rock, Arkansas, a friend of mine had his garage broken into. The local gang members drove through his garage door with their ugly car and damaged it to get inside his home. Costing him a visit from the local Little Rock garage door repair guy.

Have copies of all your essential documents and store it on a cloud storage

When you are traveling solo, it means that you are alone in a foreign country. If something might happen to your documents, bankcards or even your money, that you have some backup document copies stored on a cloud. This means that if your belongings were stolen, you will be able to access all the copies by making use of any device and internet access.

You can travel solo and have a great time. You just need to make sure that you are staying as safe as possible. With these tips, it is easier to stay safe, and you will have a trip that you will remember for a long time. And, you won’t need to worry about going on holiday, alone.

Keeping Your Home Safe While Traveling

In our last article, you learned some tips on how you can protect your home while you are away on a trip. However, there are still so many ways to make sure that your house remains secure even while you and your family are not there. So here is our second set of tips for keeping your home safe during travel.

1. Use thermostats

Even when you are away from home, your thermostat is your friend. Without the thermostat, the temperature inside your house can either become too hot or too cold, which can cause damage to everything inside. Also, use a thermostat for your pipes to protect them from bursting during cold weather. Getting a smart thermostat will be very helpful too.

2. Suspend deliveries

It would be smart to suspend the delivery of mails and shipping orders to your house while you are away. Unclaimed mail is one way for thieves and other criminals to know that no one’s in the house. Also, you won’t want your mail and packages to be left unpicked while you’re away.

3. Unplug electronic devices

Unplugging electronic devices and appliances that don’t have any use while you’re away makes sense for many reasons. Unused devices such as TVs, fans, and computers that remain plugged while still unused still consume electricity. Also, they can be places where fires can potentially be triggered. So when you’re leaving the house, unplug everything that doesn’t need to stay on.

4. Make sure your security system is fully charged

Installing a security system and/or an automation system to your home can be especially useful when you’re out. However, it won’t amount to anything if it’s not turned on. You should make sure that your security and automation systems are fully charged before you leave your house. This is to ensure they stay active while you’re out.

5. Ask someone you trust to visit

If you know someone living near your house, you can ask them to check into your home every once in a while. You can give them the keys to your house and task them to do essential things such as turning on/off the lights, retrieving sent mails, checking your electricals, and monitor home maintenance tasks. If you will go this route, assign the task to someone you can fully trust.

Those are additional tips you can use to maintain the safety of your home even when you are away. You can check out this video if you want more tips for beefing up your home safety and security.

Protecting your identity when you are traveling

Whether you are taking that trip for fun or business reasons, you have an increased theft risk because you are going to a new region. Restrictions on fraud protection or credit cards might be different from what you are used to at your home area. When traveling, most people tend to forget that not everyone you meet should be presumed a friend because others would befriend you have some ulterior motives.

Steps you can use to protect yourself on the road

You can protect your identity following these tips whether traveling abroad or your country. Take the following precautions:

Travel light

Here we are not referring to your mode of packing, but mean leaving at home all the additional bank cards, credit cards, or your social security cards. Remove anything in the wallet that is not necessary for your trip.

Make copies of passport, health insurance card, driver’s license and the credit cards you want to carry

You can leave one copy of each with a friend or a family member who you can reach while on travel and take a copy too. You can also consider attaching a digital copy to your email and ensuring it is password protected, it is a lighter way to access one. If you happen to lose your luggage on travel, you will have the necessary documents required to block credit cards and start a process of acquiring a new one.

Leave your checkbook at home

It is likely that you will not need it as you travel, and many places have restrictions on writing checks nowadays. You can use credit cards and cash while on travel and pay your bills once you are back at home.

ATM caution

When you are using your ATM at the machine, block anyone from seen your transaction. Blocking the view prevents any well-positioned person from watching as you key your pin and target you for mugging or pickpocketing.

Use the safe in the hotel

Utilize the safe in your hotel to keep any valuable documents that contain vital personal information. A lot of the hotel staff accesses your room and the risk of burglary is tremendous when you are out.

Steps to protect your identity at home while on travel

To protect yourself as you travel, there are places that you should remember to lock up at home, mainly because you will be away and unable to keep an eye on them.

-If you leave anyone in charge of the house, lock all the valuable documents like those you removed from your wallet, in a deposit box or safe. Even in the case where you trust the one covering your house, it could be burglarized while you are away.

-Notify your post office that you will be away so that they can hold all your emails to prevent a pileup that will send word to thieves that you are away. You could request your neighbor to keep all your emails if you did not get time to notify the post office.

-Place hold of your newspapers delivery or ask a neighbor to keep it. Thieves cannot know you are out unless you make it so obvious.